Jim Csek, CPA, CMA

Jim has been an experienced CPA for over 25 years and interested in Canadian markets way before he got his designation. He is a successful business owner and operator in the Central Okanagan with all challenges this includes. Jim has been involved in investing and stocks and believes that Canada is one of the richest resource nations in the world, which leaves us with a challenge to mine log, fish and farm responsibly.


George Sanders

George currently runs a company in the precious metals exploration business. He has been involved in all aspects of exploration for and development of gold mining since 1978. As a former stock broker, George guided client investment in the exploration space and helped entrepreneurs raise capital for project development. Long story short, he is involved in the nuts and the bolts in the economy - day to day.

George wants to reiterate that this podcast series is not offering investment advice. As Canada is in uncharted territories right now, he believes it’s important for people to start discussing where we are at and pose questions for thought. Let’s start the conversation.

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If you would like to join Jim and George on a podcast, reach out by emailing [email protected].  We are looking to have discussions with market and industry professionals.   


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