6. Real Estate, Gold, and Goals - The Story of Art Bidlevskii

In this episode, Jim and George discuss real estate, gold, and how a young man earned the respect of veteran investors.

Art Bidlevskii, a young local realtor, joins Canadian Market Watch to discuss how he's navigated both real estate and investing while sharing impeccable advice and regional forecasting tips.

Art's background before real estate consists of hard work and commitment to playing professional hockey around the world. In his travels, Art witnessed various stages in the global real estate market until suddenly his on-ice career was cut short due to a serious injury. Afterwards, Art returned to Kelowna to open his own real estate firm, The Property Source Group.

Not only does Art touch base on the real estate changes, interest fluctuations and economic crisis within Kelowna during the world pandemic of COVID-19, but he also explains the benefits of investments such as gold. 

Listen as Jim, George, and Art get into the demographic differences of the younger generation's ideas towards investing and why they may look different for segmented generations.


Figures provided by Art:

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